Darmowa dostawa na terenie Polski od 499 zł

Polish brand, 100% quality and Color

The idea for the Fuerta brand was created in 2019. For women who know their value, resolute, brave, colorful and strong. It has been a year since Fuerta reached the desired standards and met our expectations 100%. For the love of people, colors, nature and the desire to connect everyday life with class.

From passion to creation, to good quality things. Now we can proudly present ourselves for you with confidence in quality.

Born in Poland,
created for the whole world.

We believe that conscious buying is the domain of strong and smart women.
We operate in accordance with the idea of ​​sustainable development. Following the less waste principle, we choose Oeko-Tex certified materials (free from harmful substances, delicate on the skin, and at the same time beautiful and richly saturated colors), as well as materials 100% recycled. What’s more, we consume every scrap of material, making beautiful, elegant, coated buttons for you. Our collections are limited. Items are sewn on a regular basis, caring for the environment.



Katarzyna Wojtasińska

Photographer for years, owner of the K8 creative studio. He loves the production process and continuous development. He doesn’t like mediocrity.
He creates both good quality photos and now clothes. Świeżynka in the clothing industry, but she learns quickly and has a good eye, aesthetics and knows what is good: D
Both business and private, determined, pursues a goal and doesn’t like to give up. An optimist on the ground in real life 🙂 A soul of the party with vivid imagination and fantasy.
Privately, Paweł’s wife and mother of two wonderful children – Maja and Marcel ️

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